The Magic Of Pasta

Pasta is the greatest invention man has ever made. There are many uses for pasta, some life saving. Who knows, one day pasta may even save your life! This is but a sample of the many types of pasta out there, all made from the same ingredients.

Pasta dates all the way back to the year 1154AD in Sicily, *when Farmer "Pizza Pasta DeRavioli Linguine" attempted to make a latte out of Durum wheat. The resulting dough-like mixture was then shaped into something reminiscent of modern day Spaghetti.

*FUN FACT: Potato's are a type of pasta!

*It is said that those who soley consume pasta for 33 days and 1-2 nights depending on religion will see the ghost of Pastaface, the 16th Century Philosopher. None have dared try the challenge, mainly because it doesn't exist.

*Did you know that pasta was once used to hang criminals?

Pasta ipsum dolor sit amet capunti capunti gigli farfalline sorprese tripoline penne zita fedelini tuffoli croxetti rotini. Gnocchi farfalle fettuccine vermicelli sagnarelli acini di pepe. Conchiglie mezzi bombardoni rigatoni creste di galli gramigna.

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Spaghetti Farfalle Bow-Tie Pasta Bicycle Pasta Cannelloni Pasta Flattened Spaghetti Pasta that looks like a bird's nest

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